Used by 2000+ companies worldwide:
Maintain transparency
Information is transparent to all team members to help you maintain an aligned and well-organised team.
Save time and worry!
Chatting with a bot is a faster form of stand-up. Automatic reminders saves you the trouble of contacting members repeatedly.
Aggregate and analyze data
Collect all team data in one place. Accurate data and detailed stand-up reports help teams maintain an up-to-date overview of their progress.
Run a stand-up
Limibot holds seemless stand-up meetings with each member of your team. All you have to do is answer a series of questions that the bot then posts to the channel.
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Track progress toward goals
With goal-tracking questions, teams can clearly watch their progress. Limibot uses the collected data to deliver reports and insights of progress over time.
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Track members' time
With time-tracking questions, teams can record members' working time. Limibot uses this data to produce timesheets with insights about how your team is working.
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Customize questions
Adjust any question to perfectly tailor Limibot to your stand-up style.
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"Limibot helps maintain an agiled and well-organized team. Being CEO are managing tens of projects, it saves the trouble of contacting members repeatedly."
Loading, CEO at SnapTube
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